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The Federal Polytechnic Ayede Library came into existence immediately after the establishment of its parent institution with a pronouncement in January 29, 2021 to offer National Diploma and Higher National Diploma programmes in Accountancy, Agricultural Technology, Agricultural Extension, Business Administration, Public Administration, Leisure and Tourism Management, Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Office Technology Management, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Estate Management, Urban and Regional Planning and Science Laboratory Technology.
Presently, the Polytechnic has a central library that is situated at National Youth Development Centre, Iresa-Pupa, the temporary site of the institution with sitting capacity of fifty (48) library users, with overflow for discussion area. It was set up as one of the academic units in the Polytechnic. The first and current Polytechnic Librarian is Dr S. O. Ogunniyi who assumed office on 8th, April, 2022. He began the development of the library collections with the active collaboration of Representatives of Schools. The Polytechnic library, being an academic library whose primary responsibility is to support teaching, learning and research needs of its parent institution selects, acquires and organizes books, periodicals, newspapers and other print & electronic resources required to satisfy the information needs of the Polytechnic community and its environments.
The library is divided into different Departments, Sections and units such as the Administrative Department, Readers’ Service Department, Technical Services Department, Section, Serials Section, Reference Section and E- Library. The library currently houses one thousand and eleven (1,011) volumes of information resources (books, reference resources and journals) that cut across all the fields of study being floated by the institution.
The E-library has Six (6) sets of fully networked computers and a collection of about two hundred (200) electronic information resources. Additionally, for easy search and retrieval of e-resources, the e-library has access to twenty (20) open source databases such as AGORA, HINARI, DOAB, Journal of Experimental Research, OAPEN, Online Library and Publication Platform, ARDI, GOALI, OARI, Emerald and Insight Database among others.
The Library provides a wide range of services such as, circulation, reference, inter-library loan, bibliographic and online services. In addition to this, detailed instruction on Library use is provided to National Diploma (ND) 1 students as part of the General Studies programme.
  1. Every member of the Polytechnic community (Teaching Staff, Non-teaching staff, students) is a potential member of the Library
  2. The eligible members as stated in (1) above are expected to register with the Library before they could benefit from its services.
  3. Students are expected to present their admission letter, evidence of payment of school fee and two passport photograph before they could be registered.
  4. Staff are expected to present their staff Identification cards before they could be registered.
  5. Member of staff from other institutions, commercial, industrial houses may use the resources in the library for information purposes after producing proper letter of identification/introduction.
  6. Students of other institutions may be allowed to use the library if a letter of introduction from that institution’s library or department is produced upon request.
The Library Rules/Regulations

For the safety of the library materials and library users to enjoy maximum satisfaction with the library services, rules and regulations need to be put in place. Some of the rules are:

  1. Silence must be maintained in all part of the Library;
  2. There should be no smoking of cigarette in and around the Library;
  3. Eating or drinking of any kind of food is not allowed in the Library because crumbs of food can easily attract insects, rodents that are very destructive to books;
  4. Reservation of seat, especially during the time of examinations is not acceptable in the Library;
  5. Raincoat, umbrella, Laboratory coat, Bags Hand folio, Rain cap are not allowed in the Library, but may be put in the cloak that is placed at the entrance of the library and this is done at the owner’s risk;
  6. All paper materials must bsse shown to the Library porter when leaving the Library.
  7. Students and other users are not allowed to enter the Library prior to official opening hours and must leave the Library at the stipulated closing time;
  8. Use of G.S.M (Cell or Mobile phones) is not allowed in the library. Users are required to switch off their mobile phones or handsets;
  9. On leaving the Polytechnic, Reader’s tickets must be surrendered to the Library authority, and clearance will not be made until the tickets are returned;
  10. Final year students are expected to return all borrowed Library books immediately after the final examination;
  11. A user cannot borrow books on reserve; and
  12. Inter-library loan services can be rendered by the library for a user.
  1. Theft, mutilation, and defacing of Library books will attract automatic expulsion, from the Library.
  2. Any book found with student in Library with stamp of other Library or institution on it will be seized.
  3. Lost or damaged book must be paid for, and administrative cost will be added to cost of the damaged book.
  4. A fine of N100.00 is chargeable for each day a book is kept overdue. Further disciplinary action may be taken against a person who failed to renew or return a book.
  5. Any library user caught using G.S.M (Cell or Mobile phones) in the library will be sanctioned.
Departments & Units
Readers Services Department

The Readers Services Department serves as the interface between the library and its users; This is where the patrons meet library staff for services. It comprises of

Circulation Unit

This is the point of entry of Library user in the library. The circulation takes care of the charging and discharging of Information material.

Reference Section

This section provides answers to users’ query and houses the reference materials

Serials Section

The serial section takes care of the periodical collections such as Journals, Newspaper among others.

Technical Services Department
Acquisition Department

This section acquires and manage the collection of the library.

Cataloguing and Classification

This section ensures systematized organization of information resources in the library through the use of cataloguing and classification tools.

News & Events

This section of the websites shows latest news and events around the Library

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