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The Library Department at Federal Polytechnic Ayede is more than just a repository of books; it's a vibrant learning hub where knowledge meets opportunity.

Message from the Library Department

Dear Students, Faculty, and Visitors,

Step into a world of knowledge and exploration at the Library Department of Federal Polytechnic Ayede!

Our mission is to empower students, faculty, and staff with access to a wealth of resources, services, and support to fuel their academic and intellectual growth.

Whether you're embarking on a research project, seeking study materials, or exploring new ideas, our dedicated team of librarians and staff are here to assist you every step of the way.

Discover a wide range of print and electronic materials, access online databases, attend workshops and events, or simply find a quiet corner to study and reflect.

Join us on a journey of discovery, exploration, and lifelong learning. Together, let's unlock the boundless possibilities of knowledge and imagination!

Warm regards,

Dr. Samuel Oke Ogunniyi
Polytechnic Librarian
Federal Polytechnic Ayede

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